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2022 - 1 pair, 5E, 4H, 4F
2023 - 2 pair, 9E, 5H, 5F

i'm up to 6 pair.

i installed my gourd cam on one that had green leaves. for some reason, my wifi to the camera is not good this yr (nothing has changed since last yr) so after installing, i didn't get to see much...but i did get a cpl recordings and could see that the pair was not happy about it. i didn't see them around much after that and i thought perhaps they abandoned. the next day or 2, i could see in the video that some new leaves were in there, and i would see the pair on the gourd. finally saw them both inside during the day. when i check at night, they are never sleeping in there. then, 6/9 i see an egg. i check again that night, they are not sleeping inside. i check on and off all day 6/10 until i leave for work in the afternoon and as of noon, i hadn't seen them nor was there a new egg. i will check when i get home/in the morning. it has been 60 degrees (or less) all day....can they delay laying if it's colder? not that 60 is terribly cold, but pretty cool for june. this pair has really been odd.
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