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23 has been an amazing year thus far and I've enjoyed reading and sharing the events with everyone in here about our Martins and habitat changes we've made. Decided to post some photos' of the changes around here. We decided to go almost 100 organic on all that we do around here and altered our bush hogging schedule and promotion of tree and wildflower plantings. Stocked our pond with feeder fish to grow the bass to 3-5 lbs but less of them as we'll eat the 12-15" smaller ones.

All in all the year has thrown us wild turkey nesting in the tall weeds/flowers, an abundance of rabbits and deer explosion that has also brought in more snakes and predators. I think were up to 6 eastern black snakes now discovered and 1 copper head we almost stepped on, still have the Red Shouldered pair of Hawks that predate the rabbits, squirrels, and amphibians at the pond. We had a pair of wood ducks take up and nest in our solo box in the shallow end of the pond this spring. 2 days ago we had a black snake in our recently placed mulch in our flower beds that Moles had taken too. Decided to share the photo of this 6 footer 1/2 in 1/2 out as he found mole on the menu this week. Also lucky enough to witness a smaller black snake 4.5 footer try to defeat our baffles on the main rack. He did not succeed and we watched then my daughter, who has a way with snakes and the handling of them, picked him up and carried it about 100 yards to the pond where we had previously encountered the copper head...hoping those 2 meet up soon or Mr. Red Shouldered hawk has to survive too, wish that large tetradactyl looking thing, believe it to be a Blue Heron that visits my Pond every so often and again yesterday would find another pathway in life...either way we will let nature police itself and witness it as much as we can and enjoy this short dance we have here. Wishing everyone much satisfaction and successes with their Martins, other hobbies, and lives in general...stop...look around....and witness this glorious place we live on....Thank you Planet Earth and all you provide... Peace in 23 everyone! I wish I had better pics to share to go along with events around here but I observe more than I record...
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